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School's out, Stamping is in!

        June 30, 2010




Schools out and it seems every one is into stamping!  We will be having some guest bloggers showing their nail art creations for the summer. 

Summer is Finally Here!

        June 20, 2010



I have been very patiently awaiting summer and now it is finally here!  I have this bright orange design to commemorate the awesome season that is just ahead!



Simple in White

          August 23, 2010



Just heading out the door and decided to do a quick floral print (m31) in white.


Summer is Finally Here!

        June 20, 2010



I have been very patiently awaiting summer and now it is finally here!  I have this bright orange design to commemorate the awesome season that is just ahead!

Going to Glasgow with Tartan Hello Kitty

        June 8, 2010



I am still in Scotland and have found myself in Glasgow.  It is quite a small city that you can easily get around by foot.  I found this Hello Kitty beanie here and, of course, needed to match.  With my new Hello Kitty plate, it was not a problem!

Total Tartan

        May 31, 2010



As I roam about Edinborough, Scotland, I feel like I should do it in style.  I wanted to get a kilt, but unfortunately I do not have a family Tartan.  The purple, black and white tartan design has inspired this creation.

FYI: The Purple Thistle is country's flower. :)

Playing in Scotland's Yard

        May 25, 2010



I am attending another conference, this time in  Scotland.  This design illustrates all things Scottish - Flag, Heather, Sheep, Checkered Police design, Nessie and the Heelan Coo (Highland Cow).

For my Mom and All Others

        May 10, 2010



Carnations Sponge Art

Mother's Day was a fabulous time to celebrate all Moms.  In many places, to make this time more memorable there is a cancer-fighting donation drive.  Take time in your area (wherever it may be) to help end women's cancers.

This Pink motif is dedicated to all Mom's and cancer fighting efforts!


Spring is in the Air

        April 21, 2010



It is the first day of spring and I wanted something colorful for the brand new season. 

Using Fuchsia as a traditional French tip, I added a boarder of flowers from plate m37.  I topped it off with a top coat and 2mm heart gems.  I just love it!


A "Bunny" Good Day

        April 14, 2010



Happy Easter! I have lots of new plates and great designs that I wanted to try, but was a bid overwhelmed.  Some much choice and so few fingers!

St. Patty's Day

        March 10, 2010



With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I am going green with a bunch of new patterns using GCOCL plates.


Valentine’s Day

        February 12, 2010



To get ready for a special Valentine’s Night on the town, I used Silver with m45 on a Metallic Cherry backdrop.  Then I decorated with white to stamp images from plate m42 and m59.  As a finishing touch I used a gem heart on my pinkies!


Conference Casual…

         January 7, 2010



I am in Sunny Hawaii (following Obama’s suit!) presenting at a conference, so I decided to have this formal look.  Using m60 stamping White on Iron Red with gold trim, I am ready to impress!


It is beginning to look a lot …

         December 21, 2009



Snow is starting to fall so I came up with this cute idea.  Using metallic blue, blue, gold, silver, metallic ice blue on a white background using plate m59.  Sponge art also gave a nifty effect (blue and metallic ice blue).


I also used self adhesive gems to give a bit of sparkle.


Time to start thinking about presents!


Flowers for My Honey!

          November 9, 2009



I was given a batch of beautiful orchids today from my sweet heart which inspired this design.

Using m41 stamping with Metallic Ice Violet on a blue background.


My Mark!

          October 22, 2009



Using plate m72 on a Fuchsia background, I stamped the 4th image using gray, pastel blue, metallic ice violet and black.


Metallic Ice is Scratchers newest color set… Keep an eye out for it in later posts and available for purchase in Feb. 2010.


Bling is IN!

          September 9, 2009



I wanted something a bit prettier for “back to reality”.  Gems are in so I used M56 on Pink Glaze and finished off with fuchsia and clear gems.  The thumbs have clear small gems on the outside, followed by small fuchsia with a medium fuchsia in the center.  I also alternated fuchsia and clear medium gems at the bottom of each nail.




Neat and Simple

          July 14, 2009




This is an elegant look that took me hardly any time at all.  I used the French nail disc (m19) and the flower is from m4.  Cool, simple and neat.


Flowers for Summer

          June 2, 2009







I figure that since summer is just around the corner and all of the flowers are coming out, it is time for a simple look!

Glitter base coat

Dual color – red and green on













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